Im Rachel the creator of The8thElementt! Let me tell you a little bit about Crystals and where The8thElementt derived from and what our mission is. 

While on my road to healing I was introduced to Vibrations/frequencies and Chakras. I quickly learned all things within the universe have their own vibration that resonate on a certain frequency. All things hold its own vibration from smells, sounds, colors, to thoughts and plants. Crystals are special though they vibrate to many frequencies at once ! (WOW) These vibrations and frequencies interact with our mental, physical, and spiritual planes.

"Health" being the natural state of being for all things on this universe, health comes when frequencies are in balance and in harmony with itself. When patterns of energy are out of balance we experience a state of disease, this can be visible through our physical, emotional or spiritual states.

Crystals are free from resistant patterns, their unchanging physical structure goes to show just how balanced they are, and with a vibration to match.  When you hold a crystal in the physical world you feel separated as if it is just another object in your hand. But, on higher frequencies your actually communicating with the crystal electromagnetic energy, through your own energetic systems. This interaction causes changes to your structure and physic and in a sense can help you heal. Of course consciousness is the underlining factor of if you are going to be accepting towards these new frequencies. Fighting them will only cause more conflict and disharmony within self. Ultimately though, crystals can be used as a tool to restore you back to a state of health & balance. 

The8thElementt allowed me to create and wear these energies on me daily, switching them up depending on my emotional physical or spiritual needs. Being able to share these energies and vibrations with the world has been nothing short of love filled. Our mission is to spread love and light, sending healing energy within every order, each piece is uniquely crafted by hand, cleansed with sage and charge in sun/moon light.