Blue Topaz/ Emerald/ Lapis Lazuli/ Red Jasper


Blue Topaz/ Emerald/ Lapis Lazuli/ Red Jasper


Blue topaz /Emerald / Lapis Lazuli / Red Jasper.
Seeking balance is a journey. It seems when you get grounded and on your feet it only takes 2 weeks before another struggle is presented for you to face.
Through mindfulness and awareness you are able to bring attention to your physical/ emotional & spiritual bodies during those tough situations. Self reflecting on all bodies, why are you angry? Sad? Negative? Why does your head hurt? Why are you Anxious? 
When you step back, you realize that everything out of your conscious state is bound to happen.
When you pause take a breath you realize that in the moment the external struggles “no longer matter” 2 mins ago you crashed your car but in the present moment you are alive and you are safe.
The past & future are based on perception. Bringing mindfulness to every situation will allow you to gain a better knowledge of self. Its like training camp, with each obstacle you learn, preparing you for the next. Eventually applying “it is what it is” to your lifestyle.
Get ready warrior you got this.

around 2 inches in size.

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