Ashanti beads and Moss Agate


Ashanti beads and Moss Agate


27” in length

This piece is oh so special to me as me and my bro @chozensoul collaborated on this beauty, his family sent these beautiful hand crafted beads from Ghana , They are made from cracked and broken glasses which are then forged in fire to help change its state and take its shape. These beads have been passed down from generation to generation embodiment of the sacred ancestors. They too carry energy and meanings within their vibrant colors-KB shared with me their meanings 

White - Celebration/Joy

Blue - Royalty 

Yellow - Luxury (Gold) Natural resource to the Ghana landscape 

Green - highlighting the multiple greens and vegetation that comprises the land 

Blue /Green - natural water bodies 

Red - Blood sacrifices by the people for a positive course

Black - the people and inhabitants of the land.

Thank you to @chozensoul for teaching me and sharing stories with me, thank you for trusting me with these sacred beads so close to your family & home. I cherish our friendship!

Moss Agate=emotional stability | persistence | grounding energy | helps one find self purpose!

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